Move over, Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s “Telephone.” Country bad girl Miranda Lambert has just shot her own Thelma & Louise-style road-tripping music video, “Fastest Girl In Town”–and with the ultimate fast girl, very sexily attired race-car driver Danica Patrick, behind the steering wheel, it’s definitely one wild ride.

In the mini B-movie, a bare-midriffed Danica plays Thelma to Miranda’s Louise (or maybe Louise to Miranda’s Thelma), as the two shoot pool and swill beers with a hot himbo in some dusty roadside saloon, then use their feminine wiles to distract said himbo and steal his General Lee-style muscle car. A Cannonball Run-esque car chase, complete with multiple cop cars and a monster truck, ensues. But of course, in the end Danica and Miranda emerge gorgeously unscathed, with nothing but a thirst for more adventure (and more beer).

Does this mean there will be a sequel? Possibly, since clearly these were the roles Danica and Miranda were born to play. Danica did recently tell ESPN that she and her country co-star totally bonded on the set, saying: “She was really sweet. She’s got a lot of pep and a lot of spark. She and I got along. I just feel like she and I are kindred spirits, and we’d be trouble together.” So watch this space to see if more onscreen trouble lies on the road ahead for this new dynamite duo.

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The great 19th-century French observer of our country, Alexis de Tocqueville,  was amazed at how “Americans of all ages, all conditions, and all dispositions  constantly form associations . . . proposing a common object for the exertions  of a great many men and . . . inducing them voluntarily to pursue it.” Once  combined, “they are no longer isolated men, but a power seen from afar, whose  actions serve for an example and whose language is listened to.”

This remains true today. Since 9/11, the American habit of voluntary  associations has been particularly pronounced as groups have sprung into  existence to support the military, especially combat wounded and families of the  fallen. Many of these groups, including the Semper Fi Fund and Hope For The  Warriors, were founded and are now led by military wives.

Karen Guenther is a nurse and the wife of a Marine. In 2003, she was working  at Camp Pendleton Naval Hospital in California when the first wave of wounded  arrived from Iraq. She was standing next to a young military wife, when the  woman saw her horribly injured husband for the first time. Shaken, she nearly  collapsed.

As Karen quietly steadied the woman, she realized something more was needed  to help families cope with the combat injuries and deaths of their loved ones.  Karen and seven other determined women met around her kitchen table to talk  about what to do. They were drawn together by the recognition that while  government does an incredible job of binding up wounds and putting warriors on  the road to recovery, it is a large, often impersonal, bureaucracy. Their  response was to launch the Semper Fi Fund.


P.S.  This is truly a act of valor on many wives whose husbands do come back from war injured or not at all. I thank these women for having the courage to fight for what they Deserve for their families, there is always room for more women warriors!!

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The worst economy since the Great Depression and you might think at least one of the candidates would come up with a few big ideas for how to get us out of it.

But you’d be wrong. Neither candidate wants to take any chances by offering any large, serious proposals. Both are banking instead on negative campaigns that convince voters the other guy would be worse.

President Obama has apparently decided against advancing any bold ideas for what he’d do in the second term, even if he has a Congress that would cooperate with him.

He’s sticking to a worn script that says George W. Bush caused the lousy economy, congressional Republicans have opposed everything he’s wanted to do to boost it, it’s slowly on the mend anyway, the Bush tax cuts shouldn’t be extended for the rich, and we shouldn’t take a chance electing Romney.

Yet the public wants bigger ideas from the President, and wants to know what he’ll do in his second term to get us out of this mess. A New York Times-CBS News poll released last week showed that a majority of voters believe the president “can do a lot about” the economy. That’s a double-digit jump from the fall of 2011.

The President could propose a new WPA, modeled after the Depression-era jobs program that hired hundreds of thousands of jobless Americans to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure, or a new Civilian Conservation Corps.

He could suggest permanently exempting the first $25,000 of income from payroll taxes, and making up the lost revenues by eliminating the ceiling on income subject to it. He could propose resurrecting the Glass-Steagall Act and breaking up the big banks, so Wall Street doesn’t cause another financial collapse.

But you won’t hear any of this, or anything else of this magnitude, because the White House doesn’t want to take any risks. Polls give Obama a slight edge in the critical eight or so battleground states, so, the thinking goes in the Obama camp, why say anything that might give Romney and the GOP a target?

Besides, polls also show Romney isn’t well-liked by the electorate.

So Obama has decided to campaign as the anti-Romney.

Mitt Romney is playing it even more cautiously. His economic plan is really a non-plan: more tax cuts for the rich, undefined spending cuts, and no details about how he’d bring down the budget deficit. No presidential candidate since Herbert Hoover in 1928 has been more vague about what he’d do on the critical issues facing the nation.

Romney’s advisors assume Obama can’t possibly be reelected with the economy this bad. Just 44 percent of registered voters in a Washington Post-ABC News poll earlier this month approve of the job the president is doing on the economy, while 54 percent disapprove. Even more encouraging for Romney is that 41 percent of those polled “strongly” disapproved of Obama’s economic performance, while just 21 percent “strongly” approved — an enthusiasm gap of major proportion.

So Romney’s advisors have concluded that all Romney has to do between now and Election Day is avoid a mistake that might give Obama and the Democrats something to shoot at.

Romney has decided to campaign as the anti-Obama.

The two anti-the-other-guy strategies fit with a ton of negative advertising that’s just begun but will reach mammoth proportions after Labor Day. Much of it will be financed by super-PACs and by political fronts already taking in hundreds of millions of dollars in secret donations. Romney’s camp hopes to out-negative Obama by almost two to one.

So whatever happens on Election Day, the next president will have to contend with two handicaps. The public won’t have endorsed any new ideas or bold plans, which means he won’t have a clear mandate to do anything on the economy.

The only thing the public will have decided is it fears and distrusts the other guy more. Which means the winner will also be burdened by almost half the electorate thinking he’s a scoundrel or worse.

The worst economy since the Great Depression, but we’re in an anti-election that will make it harder for the next occupant of the oval office to do a thing about it.


P.S.  The economy is not in the best stride thus far. If you take a look at all the states, and ask other American’s, there is very little improvements in our economy. It’s gonna be interesting here in a few month’s to see the outcome of the Presidential election.

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Our own Henry  Blodget is ready to declare Apple dead in the water after seeing a few  leaked images of an alleged next-generation iPhone.


iphone 5


His primary beef?

“The ‘iPhone 5′ looks pretty much like the iPhone 4S. Which looked exactly  like the iPhone  4, a phone that is now two years old.”

At a quick glance, the phones might look similar, but the truth of the matter  is the new phone is going to be radically different.

It’s going to have millions of people, including Blodget lined up, as soon as  it hits the market.

(We’re going to assume these leaked images of the iPhone are accurate.  There’s a good chance they’re not, making this whole debate moot.)

I’ve always loved the iPhone 4 design, so I think it’s a good move that the  next iPhone will echo it, at least from the front and sides. Take a look at the  evolution of iMac and MacBook  designs. Each new design cleverly builds on the last. And no one complains.

That appears to be what Apple  is doing here with the new iPhone. Instead of a radical redesign, it’s building  on the successful design of the iPhone 4, adding a taller screen and making it  noticeably thinner. Mark  Gurman of 9to5 Mac estimated that the new iPhone will be about as thin as  the metal band that surrounds the iPhone 4. That’s quite a feat.

Henry also complains that the new iPhone’s screen doesn’t appear to be much  larger than the current iPhone display. I reached out to him via instant message  to quash that notion. Here’s what he said:

Me: That leaked iPhone case  does have a bigger screen. It’s taller.

HB: Yawn.

Me: Enough room for an  extra row of app icons.

HB: More app icons!!  Whoopee!!

At 4 inches, that extra screen space will be immediately noticeable to anyone  who has been using the 3.5-inch iPhone display. I guarantee it makes a  difference once people get their hands on it. Even Henry will agree when I show  him the new iPhone compared to his old 3GS. (I was the one who showed him the Galaxy  S III, which he’s been going nuts over.) I agree that the screen on the  Galaxy S III is gorgeous. In fact, it’s my favorite feature on the phone. But it  still falls short of the killer “Retina” resolution of the iPhone and iPad. That also makes  a huge difference.

Finally, Henry thinks the next iPhone will only offer modest improvements  over the iPhone 4S. Based on what I’ve been  hearing, that’s also wrong. The next iPhone will likely be a major hardware  overhaul. It’ll connect to 4G  LTE networks for super fast download speeds, have a faster processor, have more  RAM, and come with a thinner, more responsive touchscreen. Those aren’t modest  improvements.

It’s a big deal. And it’s why Apple, if it releases this phone as the next  iPhone, is definitely not screwed


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Can’t start your day without a cup of coffee --but want to add a little green to  your morning ritual?  From cups, to makers, to what do with the leftover  grounds, we found some eco-friendly ways to have your cup of coffee, and in some  cases eat it too.


Edible Coffee Cup

If you think this looks good enough to eat, good news.  It is.  The  Cookie Cup was designed by Venezuelan designer Enrique Luis Sardi for the  Italian coffee company Lavazza. The cup has a cookie outside and a special sugar  icing on the inside to keep the contents from leaking.


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